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Kyotoya Rokujo

Kyotoya Rokujo One group Maximum 4 people

Comfortable, traditional, exotic, yet modern. The Kyotoya Rokujo offers an exclusive experience of renting a traditional Kyoto house (machiya) to only one group a day. Once entering through the stone-paved path, we welcome you to a luxurious house that captures the essence of traditional Kyoto with a blend of the cosmopolitan present Kyoto. This delightful mixture of ancient and modern, will provide guests with not only comfort, but also with class and a never before experience.

At night, the stone-paved path to the Kyotoya Rokujo will light up presenting an exotic and majestic experience for those that chooses to stay.


An approximately 15 minutes’ walk from Kyoto station and 7 minutes’ walk from Gojo Subway Station, the Kyotoya Rokujo is conveniently located for your visit to Kyoto.