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Kyotoya Kamogawa Gojo

Kyotoya Kamogawa Gojo One Group Maximum 6 People

Set along at the banks of the Kamogawa River, the Kyotoya Kamogawa Gojo is an exclusive and exquisite getaway that is unlike a typical hotel. The Kyotoya Kamogawa Gojo only offers one group a day an experience of renting an entire traditional Kyoto house (machiya). While keeping the structure of a machiya, the inside is furnished with modern and oriental furniture, an example of Japan’s traditions blending in with the modern, cosmopolitan vibes. From the 2nd floor sofa, there is an exquisite view of the Kamogawa river providing relaxation through the light and scenic beauty.


Additionally, it is easily accessible from and to the Kyoto Station, as well as tourist locations such as Gion, Nijo Castle, shopping districts of Shijo Kawaramachi, and the world heritage site of Kiyomizu Temple.


Sunrise to sunset. Sakura in the spring to red and yellow leaves in the autumn. We invite you to relax both body and mind with a cup of coffee viewing the Kamogawa River.