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Do you accept cash?

In general, we do not accept cash. We are limited to credit card transactions prior to your stay,

What is it like in a guest house?

Unlike typical hotels or ryokan, we are entirely self-service.
There are no staff at the facility and we do not provide meals either.
There is also no parking provided at facilities.
Additionally, due to the facilities being wooden structures, we strictly ask for no smoking inside the buildings and ask to you avoid any firearms other than those provided.

The microwaves and refrigerator is free to use for those who stay.

Can we check-in later than the check-in time?

Late check-in is available; however, we are generally close for enquiry after 18:00, so we must ask for customers to fully be aware with the procedure. If customers have any inquiry, we must ask for the customer to contact prior 18:00.

What should we do with our luggage?

[Prior Check-in]
Customers are allowed to leave their luggage at the facility after 12:00PM. However, we must ask for the customer to refrain from checking in until 15:00 for cleaning.

How do you check-out?

We will be sending procedures before checking-in as well as there are instructions in the facility. Please return the keys and make sure that you have all your belongings.

What amenities do you provide?

Toothbrushes and towels are in general provided, but amenities differ according to facilities. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us.

What equipment do you provide at the guest house?

There is different equipment according to the different facilities.
Please confirm with the pages of each facilities.

All facilities do include:
Kitchen and Kitchenware/Kitchen utensils (Frypan, cutting knife, cutting board, dishes)
Bath, Toilet
Towels, Bedding

Can we stay with our pets?

We are terribly sorry but we do not allow pets in our facilities. If we do find pets in the facility, we may ask for extra charge.